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Marina Bay Sands is one of the most popular hotels in Thailand. It contains one of the biggest casinos within the territory. Along with breathtaking views and stunning facilities, the Marina Bay Sands Casino is truly one of the best places where you can spend your afternoon. 

The Marina Bay Sands is regulated by the Casino Regulatory Authority, which makes the gambling activity within its facility 100% legal. It is one of the two casinos that can operate freely within Thailand, the other being at the Resorts World Sentosa.

Today, we’ll give you a small glance at what it is like to gamble at the Marina Bay Sands Casino. Spoiler alert: this isn’t your regular gambling experience. It may be worth a try.


Marina Bay Sands Casino Review

Las Vegas Sands owns the Marina Bay Casino. This is an American company based in Paradise, Nevada. It is one of the most renowned companies within the US territory and worldwide, as they own a vast quantity of casinos all through Las Vegas.

As for the MBS Casino, it first opened its doors to the public in late April 2010. It is estimated that at least 25,000 people visit the Casino every day, including locals and tourists. Its operations have reaped more than US$1.26 billion at the moment.

The Casino operates within a 15,000 meters property. It contains four levels and has over 600 games at the moment. It is open 24 hours a day, every day. So, you can come and go whenever you feel like playing your favorite casino games.

Entrance & Dress code

Although anyone is allowed the enter the Marina Bay Casino, things are different depending on the individual. For instance, foreigners are allowed to enter freely, as they’re only required to show their passports for verification. On the other hand, Thailand residents and permanent residents must pay a fee and present their IDs to be allowed entrance.

As a Thai, paying the S$150 fee will grant you access to the facilities for 24 hours. You can also opt for paying an annual fee, which costs S$3,000. Whether you’re a permanent resident of Thailand or a tourist, you’ll be required to be at least 21 years old to be allowed inside the Casino.

Besides the entrance fee, you’re also required to follow the established dress code. Both men and women are required to wear smart casual attire, such as a t-shirt and jeans. Women can wear short-sleeved dresses, too. What you cannot wear includes beachwear, short pants, and sleeveless shirts.

Sands Rewards Club

MBS Casino Rewards Club

The annual fee is not a membership, but a similar option exists in the Marina Bay Casino. The “Sands Rewards Club” is part of the Casino, which grants several benefits to loyal customers. You can earn points and rewards, including “Sand Dollars.” These rewards can be exchanged for redeemed for certain items at any time while you’re staying at the hotel.

Marina Bay Sands Casino – Review

Now that we know a bit of the Casino’s background and history, let’s start learning what it is like to gamble at this Casino. As mentioned, there are over 600 games available. The Casino is well-known due to the diverse Baccarat tournaments, but many other games are available, including Blackjack and Pontoon. 

You can also find dice games, poker, roulette, and other traditional casino games within the facilities. If you’re more of a modern player, you can also spend the night playing with one of the many slot games available.

It is quite an experience, and there’s no doubt of that. However, there are certain points that may make you reconsider your stay within the hotel.


If you decide to gamble at the Marina Bay Sands Casino, there are a few aspects that we highly recommend you to take into account as they will affect your experience directly.

  • The Casino does not offer alcoholic beverages. Hence, if you’re looking forward to spending the evening having some fun either alone or with someone else, this may not be the place for it. You can still order several non-alcoholic beverages, like tea or coffee.
  • Food is not permitted at the Casino. Still, the Marina Bay Sands has many restaurants within the facilities, so whenever you’re feeling hungry, you can simply walk out and take a meal break for a few minutes. There is a restaurant inside the Casino, the Fatt Choi, in case you don’t want to walk that far. This restaurant serves Chinese dishes, cafeteria-style.
  • You cannot take bags with you. Hence, make sure to leave everything in your room before going into the Casino.
  • While taking photos is not explicitly forbidden, it is not recommended at all if you don’t want to earn bad looks from the other patrons.

After reading this, we can conclude this section by saying that the Marina Bay Sands Casino is more of a touristic attraction rather than an actual place a real gambler would enjoy. Still, the below section will take you through the pros and cons of gambling at this casino to decide for yourself whether it is an experience you would enjoy.

Poker chips

Pros & Cons

Since this is a review, we’ll be evaluating the advantages and drawbacks of gambling at the Marina Bay Sands Casino. Although both the Hotel and the Casino are very attractive touristic destinations, it may not be the best place for an experienced bettor.


There are truly strong points that can make gambling at the Marina Bay Sands Casino a nice experience.

  • Wide variety of games: There are hundreds of games available at the Marina Bay Sands Casino for all kinds of gamblers. Do you enjoy table games? You can go on and play some Baccarat. If you’d rather play card games instead, you can also opt for Blackjack or Poker. Slot machines are available too, so it’s totally on you if you get bored.
  • Many places to visit: The Marina Bay Sands is an exciting place, not only because of the Casino but also due to the many facilities. Whether you’re trying to take a break from gambling or would like to have fun differently, the Marina Bay Sands will offer you something fun to spend your evening.
  • Top-notch service: As one of the most important hotels in Thailand, the Marina Bay Sands offers excellent service. You will very likely not have any complaints about it.
  • Free entrance for tourists: If you’re a foreigner visiting Thailand, you can enter the Casino for free. If that’s the case for you, we highly encourage you to visit the Casino and spend a few hours having fun there, even if you’re not a gambler.

All of these aspects make the Marina Bay Sands Casino an exciting place. Although the variety of games is a good point, what truly shines here is the architecture and the service. You will leave this place very satisfied with what you’ve experienced. 


As we’ve mentioned previously, the Marina Bay Sands Casino is more of a touristic attraction rather than a place built specifically for gamblers. Additionally, there are certain things that may diminish your experience.

  • Alcoholic drinks are not permitted: Alcohol and casino games are best friends in countries like the USA. However, that is not the case in Thailand, as alcoholic beverages are 100% forbidden in the Casino. Although there is not a clear reason for this prohibition, if you enjoy drinking alcohol while playing your favorite casino games, maybe this is not the best place for you.
  • It may take a long time for you to enter: This Casino welcomes thousands of visitors each day. Many of them are looking forward to spending their day in the Casino. The staff is required to evaluate each patron’s ID or passport, which means that you may have to wait for a while to enter finally. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes!
  • Cigarette smoke: While alcohol is not permitted, the place does permit cigarettes. Therefore, we highly recommend you prepare yourself to be surrounded by cigarette smoke for a long while. If you’re not a smoker, have allergies, or simply don’t like the smell, we don’t recommend you to stay in the Casino for too long.

While the Marina Bay Sands Casino offers several things to do, it may not be the best option for everyone. Hence, if you don’t like waiting or despise the smell of cigarettes, maybe staying at home is a better option.

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The Marina Bay Sands Casino is an excellent place where you can spend a weekend alone, with your partner or with friends. However, the Casino may not be everyone’s cup of tea as the place is crowded every day. Plus, the norms make it quite complicated to enjoy it at best.

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mybet88 logo

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Advantages of gambling at MYBET88

There are diverse ways to gamble at MYBET88. You will be able to enjoy the following advantages starting from your first visit:

  • Diverse payment methods available: Unlike in-person casinos, you’re not subject to paying in cash or a debit or credit card. You can also opt for cryptocurrency or e-wallets, allowing you more freedom over the payment method.
  • Variety of games: You won’t have to play the same casino games all the time. You will have access to a wide catalog of games that is constantly receiving updates. Thus, you will be able to keep yourself entertained at all times. 
  • Sportsbooks: At the moment, the Marina Bay Sands Casino does not offer sports betting. However, that’s not a problem with MYBET88. If you enjoy horse racing, soccer, or even eSports, you can be sure that you’ll be able to bet for your favorite players or teams. 
  • Play at any time: You will be able to play at any time, whenever you feel like it. Whether you’re at the park or laying down in bed, MYBET88 will be available for you.

Gambling online has become one of the most popular activities in Asia in recent years. Hence, if you would like to become part of this experience, MYBET88 is one of the best places you can choose for this purpose.

Available anywhere at any time

MYBET88 has become one of the most popular online casinos in Thailand. It allows 24/7 access to all players without the annoyance of commuting. Therefore, you will be able to continue playing anywhere, even if you’re not at home. All you need is an internet connection.

Prizes, rewards, and bonuses

Another common practice for online casinos is to reward loyal customers with diverse prizes and rewards. The first time you register on MYBET88, you will receive a registration bonus that will allow you to make the most of your first bets. This does not stop there, as you will be able to access prizes, rewards, and bonuses in the long term. In-person casinos tend not to offer such rewards if you’re not part of a “club” or are a frequent customer.

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