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WeBet Casino รีวิวภาษาไทย

The advantage of gambling online is its compactness. No need to go to an actual casino to enjoy. You can do it in the comfort of your own home at any time that you desire. Convenience is definitely the number 1 factor why it is better to gamble online. Online gambling gives the same excitement, thrill, and joy that traditional gambling gives anyway. The choices and the games available are also much more unique and great. You will never get tired of playing the same game over and over, you can just hop on the next one when you’re not feeling the one you’re playing now. And if you haven’t found a game that you truly enjoy, then the numerous games to choose from will surely help you finding one that you absolutely will love.

What is WeBet?

WeBet is the most stable financial website in Singapore. You can find betting games in WeBet. There are more than a 1000 games to choose from. You can expect football betting, live casino, lottery, slot games, and many more. WeBet is the service provider of leading slot companies in Singaporeand the some other countries in Asia. They are reliable and trustworthy. Here are the slot companies they work with:

  • Microgaming (MG)
  • Asia Gaming (AG)
  • Play N’ Go (PNG)
  • Habanero (HN)
  • Playson
  • iSoftBet (ISB)
  • Playtech (PT)

To play the slots of these leading companies sign up and join WeBet. With just one account you are able to play any games offered.

How do you apply for WeBet?

Applying in WeBEt is fairly easy granted that you are qualified and that you have the requirements. You can sign up through the online form to apply as a WeBet member.

There are only 2 requirements and qualifications for joining Webet

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age. WeBet is a legally registered company and they abide by the rules and regulations of the government so they are very strict in this matter. They registered under license number 145791 in Curacao.
  2. You must have a bank account. The bank account is for depositing and withdrawing your money. It can be from any bank in Singapore, although it is recommended that your bank is capable of online banking for your convenience, and you’re only required to have at least one. It is important that your bank account name matches your name in your application form.

All information given during sign up or application process is kept confidential and private.

Here are the fields that are needed for sign up:

  1. Account Name: You can set your own as you like in lowercase English or numbers and 4-9 digits long, for example webet1234, just make sure it unique to other members. (If it is repeated, a notification will come up and you will have to choose a new one)
  2. Password: You can set it yourself as you like. Strong passwords are recommended. by mixing between Lowercase letters, uppercase letters (English) and numbers.
  3. Email: Enter the email that you want to use and that you have access to.
  4. Currency: Select “Thai Baht ฿” (usually this value).
  5. Name: Your name (Thai language)
  6. Surname: Your last name (Thai language)
  7. Phone: Cut off the front “0” and fill in the rest, for example 0876543210, fill in the back field with only “876543210”.

After filling up the form, just press create account to complete your registration.

Why is WeBet a good platform for betting and gambling?

Available on Mobile

Most of the time of in our day we’re using our mobile devices. It’s because everything we need we can find it on there. We use it with almost every daily task we have. That’s why it’s with us all the time. It’s compact yet so very powerful. That’s why WeBet is available on mobile so that wherever you are, you can have fun! WeBet members can play on the go. All you need is internet connection and you’re good to go. To enjoy WeBet on your mobile phone you can access the website on your browser or you can download it through either google play or apple store. WeBet is accessible in both iOS and Android. A truly versatile and compact system.

Webet Casino Review and €28 Bonus - High Roller Bonuses

Offers the biggest promotions

Why is betting and gambling fun? It’s not all because of the thrill. It’s all about winning something too. Most of the time, the thrill expires when you constantly don’t win. But luckily in WeBet your chances of winning is higher that ever. WeBet members enjoy countless of offers and promotions. More jackpots means more fun!

Just for registering you get a free bonus of 260 baht credit. Including a 100% deposit bonus of up to 6,000 baht. Although do note that this promotion is only available for Singaporeresidents only.

Excellent service

WeBet offers 24 hours service. There is a dedicated and professional team that is ready to help you with any concern.

Deposit, Withdrawal, and Transfer Experience in WeBet

The balance will be automatically added when you deposit or withdraw via domestic direct transfer or online transactions from leading banks in Singapore. Deposits will reflect within 48 seconds and Withdrawals will reflect with no more than 5 minutes.


You can deposit via Easy Pay with only a minimum of 200 baht. You can get the balance immediately. This option is available in 6 banks in Singapore.

  1. Siam Commercial Bank (SCB)
  2. Krung Thai Bank (KTB)
  3. Krungsri Bank (BAY)
  4. UOB Bank (UOB)
  5. Kasikorn Bank (KBANK)
  6. Bangkok Bank (BBL)

To deposit, just log in WeBet and then click the “deposit” button at the top right menu bar. then at the left hand side click “deposit online (easypay)”. From there you can select which bank you would link to use and the deposit amount to be deposited into WeBet. After that, to complete, just press the green “deposit” button.


To withdraw, just log in WeBet and then go to your account management page. Press on the menu bar that says “withdraw”.

For first time withdrawing you have to provide your bank details first, to do that, select “add bank account” and then fill up all the necessary information and then press “save”.

You can add multiple bank accounts. For returning customers making withdrawals, you can just select which bank account you want to make the withdrawal with.

To make the withdrawal, just enter the amount you want to withdraw and then enter your password to confirm. After confirming expect to have the amount in your bank within 5 minutes.


To transfer means you move your money to bet in different games. When you make a deposit, that balance is in your main wallet. That means you haven’t put your many in any game yet. To put a capital in games you want to play just follow these simple steps.

First log in yor WeBet account, and the click on “funds” on the top right menu. Once on the fund transfer page, look at the bar on the left. You will see a channel for moving your funds.

Overall Thoughts

WeBet is a good platform to use for betting and gambling. The company is legit as they are registered. The service is reliable and fast. The availability on where you can use WeBet is good. You can play at home or basically anywhere you are. Their interface is easily understandable, it is very intuitive. Last but not the least, the selection of games in WeBet is incredible.

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