Casino Cruise Thailand Review in 2021

Casino Cruise Games

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Whether there will be a casino on your cruise really depends on the cruise line you have chosen. Although most large cruise ships usually will have an onboard casino but it’s not limited to huge cruise ships, smaller cruise ships may also have. So if you’re planning on gambling on your next cruise, make sure they have a casino before booking your trip!

What can you expect from an onboard casino?

The most common casino games that are usually present are slot games and table games. For table games you can expect the classics such as blackjack and poker games like Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Caribbean Stud, Three Card, or Let It Ride. For Texas Hold’em that are played against other players it is usually held at dealer-dealt tables. If there are no dealers then usually there are electronic Poker Pro tables. There may also be a roulette table, craps table, and Baccarat table but it’s not often that a cruise has these games. The games offered really differ from cruise to cruise.

Are there high stakes tables in a cruise ship casino?

If you’re a high roller and you’re looking for a high stakes table to play at you better check with the cruise line first before booking because only very few cruise ships offer high stakes gambling.

Are there poker, blackjack or slot tournaments in the casino?

Most cruises offer a tournament of some kind. Most tournaments require a buy in that you don’t actually spend while playing in the tournament. Rebuy is also allowed in some tournaments. The kind of tournament, the rules, and the prize for winning differ from cruise to cruise.

Is the cruise ship casino open 24/7?

It’s not. Cruise casinos are only usually open when the ship is out at sea or in port as long as the country permits gambling. Most cruises close their casino during the day and then open it at night and tend to close at around 2am or 3am. You can always ask for the casino’s open hours at your cruise’s information center or concierge.

What is the minimum age to play or hang out in the casino?

Just like in any other casino on land, the minimum age is either 18 or 21. So if you’re not sure or if you’re travelling with a young adult who wants to join you do check first to confirm.

Can I use cash in the casino, or is everything charged on my cruise card?

A cruise card is for your onboard spending. You can put some credit in your card to start using it. It’s usually for food, drinks, shop purchases, classes, extra activities, extra services, and much more.

Yes you can either use your cash or your cruise card to buy some chips in order to start playing. Some slot machines in a cruise casino may take your cash or your cruise card. It depends on the system the cruise has.

Do cruise casinos over free drinks like land casinos?

You can expect free drinks in a cruise casino if the drinks for the rest of the cruise is free. Most of the time though, you’ll have to buy your own if you would like some drinks.

Is there a casino loyalty club/program through which I can earn points and perks?

A cruise’s loyalty program is almost always separated from the casino’s loyalty program. How does a casino loyalty program work? As you play and bet money you earn points and these points can later be used to claim rewards. Rewards differ from cruise casino to cruise casino as they have different terms and conditions. Some loyalty programs doesn’t allow their points to be transferable to a different cruise. So I suggest bet wisely and don’t bet just to get some points.

Can you smoke in the casino?

Again, this is something that depends on the cruise line if they allow smoking.

What can you do if you’re on a cruise with no casino but you want to gamble?

Most cruises nowadays have internet anyways, so what you can do is try online casinos. Online casinos makes it possible for you to play your favorite casino games on the mobile device you have. It is just as thrilling as a traditional casino and just as enjoyable since you can also bet and play with real money.

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