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Spadegaming is an online casino that is focused on providing games that will appeal to the Asian market. It’s no secret that Asians love to gamble. That’s why it’s an ideal audience to market to. They are very popular in countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and China. They attract so many Asian players because their games are usually Asian-themed and because they offer casino games that Asian players adore and love.

Spadegaming has provided top-tier service because they maintain high-quality output, and they owe it to their expert and professional team of developers. Spadegaming is optimized to use on any device. It will perform consistently whether you’re playing on your computer or a mobile device. Their app is available to download on both iOS and Android. You can enjoy Spadegaming anywhere at any time.

Asia houses vast and diverse cultures; that’s why there are so many Asian languages. To encourage more Asian players to choose Spadegaming, they have made their platform available in different Asian languages. Although being marketed to Asia, Spadegaming isn’t limited to it alone. There are so many players from all over the world. That’s why the platform also offers different European languages. Due to various players from all over the world using the platform, Spadegaming has allowed other currencies. Spadegaming is dedicated to making its platform as accessible as possible.


Spadegaming is a trustworthy site. That’s why a lot of players opt to game at Spadegaming. They guaranteed a fair gaming experience as Spadegaming is certified by iTech Labs, and they have a license from Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). iTech Labs is an Australia-based testing laboratory for online casino gaming systems. MGA, on the other hand, also regulates both land-based gambling and online gambling. Spadegaming is compliant with all the rules and regulations; hence they have such licenses and certifications. They meet all the standards of what it takes to provide safe and secure service.

Customer Service


Spadegaming offers 24/7 service. The issues and problems that players encounter must be resolved as soon as possible. Thanks to the dedicated and committed team, the action never has to stop.


SpadeGaming games

The games are wonderfully made. All are enticing because of the attractive graphics. You could tell that effort, time, and expertise has been put into the games because of how good they play and perform. Most themes are unique. Despite being mainly marketed to Asian gamers and having a lot of fun with Asian themes, Spadegaming does not fail to provide games for people with different interests. There are so many to choose from that you’ll indeed find a couple that you will entirely fall in love with. Spadegaming displays its competency with the quality of its games.

The games are truly easy to learn and understand. Even I it’s your first time playing, you have a shot at winning because for most of these games, all you have to do is place a bet, spin the wheel and then hope for the best.

Slot games

Money mouse interface

Slots are where Spadegaming truly shines. Slot games make most of their game directory. The selection is enormous. You’ll never get bored because there’s always something new to try. Each slot has a unique story to tell that offers fun gameplay. The games are fun themselves, but the bonuses you get make it extra fun. Spadegaming is generous with its offerings. You’ll constantly get free spins, bonus rounds, and so on that will help you stack up great wins.

Here are some of the best slot games they offer—a definite must try.


Heroes casino game

So far, Heroes is Spadegaming’s most popular game. So if you want to see want Spadegaming is all about and if you want to see what they can do this game is a good game to try out.

Heroes allow players to immerse themselves among legendary Asian heroes. It is a good theme that a lot of people seem to enjoy.

To play Heroes it’s as simple as placing a bet and spinning a wheel. Once you get to 25 hero counts the main game will begin and then you will be given a random hero to accompany you through your journey. This game has a bonus feature that allows you to receive bonuses and rewards when you come across items that belong to your hero. So it will differ every time depending on which hero you get.

Magical Lamp

Magical Lamp Spadegaming slot Review

If you love the movie Aladdin then you might already have an idea what this game is about. Get ready to experience Arabian nights with Magical Lamp. What else do you need, you have a genie, a magic carpet, and of course, and a magical lamp to grant all your wishes come true.

Magical Lamp is a 5 reels slot game. if you hit 5 similar images after a spin you will get multiplier rewards.

Sweet Bakery

This game is for all the ladies out there and of course for those who have a sweet tooth. Help Hikari-chan (the protagonist) in her quest to start her bakery and grow it. Play the game to help Hikari-chan with her dream of becoming a world-famous baker.

For Sweet Bakery, when you hit 5 wild images you will get 2x the reward. Do take note that there is a minimum of 3 re-spins that you can perform in one spin.

Cai Shen 888

Cai Shen 888 Spadegaming slot Review

Chain Shen is a God of Wealth. Want to strike a fortune? This game is for you. Prepare to win a lot with this game. It’s one of those lucky games that give out the most wins.

This game is a textbook slot game. Just place a bet, spin, and wish that good fortune will fall upon you.


FAFAFA online slot review

fafafa is famous for its simplicity. The other games in this list are famous for their extravagance and attractiveness but this game is popular because it is plain, simple, and easy. Perfect for beginners.

Another game that is very simple and easy. Just place a bet and spin! It’s as simple as that. This is a classic slot game with only 3 reels. If you can get three dragons to appear in a pattern then you’ve already won the game!

Gold Panther

Gold panther

If you like the jungle or anything related to it, this game will attract you no doubt about it. Get ready to go on a wild and dangerous adventure with Gold Panther. You’ll find multiple treasures in your exploration.

Gold Panther is a video slot with 5 reels and 4 rows. Gold Panther is the best because it has so many paylines. Meaning you can have up to 4096 ways to win. Who doesn’t like the sound of those odds, right?

Fishing God

Fishing God offers the most unique gameplay in Spadegaming. It merges arcade gaming and slot gaming. It is a combination of a fishing game and a slots game. So if you like bot fishing and slots this game is for you.

Different fishes offer different payouts if you manage to catch them. There is a lot of fish so you have a lot of chances to win.

Money Mouse

Money mouse

Money mouse has cheerful graphics that is accompanied by an upbeat soundtrack. It is an overall fun game that is perfect for anyone and everyone.

Money mouse has 5 reels and there are 243 ways to win in this game. Such an easy and simple game to try out.

Brothers Kingdom

Spadegaming slot game Brothers Kingdom

Brothers Kingdom combines Chinese history with the video slot genre. This game has a compelling theme and amazing graphics. There are a lot of slots that focus on Asian Culture but only a few focus on Asian history and that’s what makes Brothers Kingdom unique among the rest.

Some honorable mentions are:

  • Fortune Zeus
  • Princess Wang
  • Jungle King
  • Drunken Jungle
  • Dragon Empire
  • Golden Fist
  • Master Chef
  • Three Luck Start=s
  • Triple Panda
  • Candy Pop
  • Dancing Fever
  • Fishing War
  • Gangster Axe
  • Prosperity Gods
  • Santa Gifts

Table Games

Much more games are to be added to Spadegaming and table games are some of those games. Adding a complete selection of table games with different variations and versions will complete Spadegaming’s directory. For now, slots will continue to dominate Spadegaming… but that doesn’t mean table games will not come and arrive.


Spadegaming is a well-known company and they are, for a reason. They have games that are high quality. The graphics are good, the audio adds a layer of immersion, and it performs well. The experience that players get from Spadegaming is extraordinary and out of this world. What I love the most about them is that they infuse Asian cultures into their themes and they do it very creatively. Embark on a fun and fruitful casino adventure with Spadegaming today.

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