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SlotXO online gambling game review

Slot games are one of the most prominent casino games out there. It’s just a classic that everyone loves. If a casino doesn’t have slot machines, is it even considered a casino? It’s just a staple game to have!

Technological advancements have allowed casinos or the gambling industry to make their way online. Meaning, players can now enjoy their favorite casino games whenever and wherever they like on any device they have. It’s still as good as actual and traditional casinos because you can still use real money to bet in online casinos, and you can get real money when you win. It still offers the same thrill and excitement players can get with gambling at a land-based casino house. There are so many advantages when playing online. For starters, the selection of games is insane. An online casino may have more fun than a traditional casino. Some online casinos have hundreds of games to choose from. They offer different variations of classic games, which make them more exciting and intriguing to play. You can seldom get tired because there are so many games to discover.

Another thing is the bonuses and promotions. Traditional casinos don’t offer bonuses and promotions as often and are as generous as online casinos. Getting rewards is undoubtedly a way that allows players to get the most out of their money. With bonuses, the players get to play more and possibly win more!

About Slot xo Casino

Slot xo is an online gambling platform that was started in Thailand. It is one of the best online casinos in the industry: nothing but the best games in Slot xo.

SlotXO Online Casino


Slot xo specializes in slot games. Their games are arguably one of the best slot games out there, especially when talking about the selection and the quality of the games. Even if they are more focused on slot games, they aren’t limited to it or boxed by it. They also offer other classic games such as poker and baccarat. They also have bingo and fishing games. Having a good selection is essential when choosing online casinos. It would be best if you had choices and options. Players tend to lose interest in the games they play over time, so they must have others to play when they get bored with the current game that they are playing.


Aside from the games, their website is good. The interface is clean-looking and easy to navigate through. Other online casinos tend to have an interface that looks cluttered and messy, but it’s not like that in Slot xo. The layout is simple, which makes it user-friendly. You can easily find what you are looking for. Their website is accessible on any device. You can enjoy the games you love on your mobile phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet. The load time is impressive. You don’t have to waste your time staring at the loading screen, waiting for your game to load. You can just enjoy your game immediately! Their website is well developed. The needs and the wants of the users were taken into consideration when they were building it. They must have a professional and well-experienced team on their side helping them because of how well designed their website is.

Security and Privacy

Due to the website being well developed, expect that their system is also very secure. Your personal information, such as password, email, username, and so on, as well as your banking details, are kept safe and private. Security is one of the most important things in online casinos as it deals with real money, not to mention your money. You want a place where you are safe from cybercriminals or hackers, and that’s what you get when you play at slot xo.

It is also worth mentioning that banking in slot xo is extremely easy. You can deposit money and withdraw winnings with no hassle. Transactions will reflect in your account within a few minutes. The efficiency of the service you get from slot xo is impressive.

Customer Support

Slot xo also offers reliable customer assistance. They have a committed team that will help you with whatever it is you need resolving. Customer support is available to reach out 24/7. This reliability ensures that if you encounter any issues, they will be fixed as soon as possible. Having good customer support adds to the overall experience players have with an online casino. Unresolved problems always lead to players having bad impressions of the casino. Slot xo understands that that’s why they have an entire professional team ready to help you with anything.

How to start playing at Slot xo?

It is simple! You just have to head on to the website, and then you have to sign up for an account. If you want to download slot xo on your mobile for much quicker access, you can also do so. It is available on both Android and iOS. Whichever platform you choose, start by creating an account.

By making an account, you will become a member. Once you receive a notification confirming your membership, you can deposit money to use for playing. There is a minimum deposit of 100 baht. However, slot xo gives out a welcome bonus that gives you 50% of the amount you deposited. So let’s say you deposited 100 baht, you’ll end up having 150 baht on your account. Also, that’s just one of the many bonuses slot xo gaming offers.


Slot Games

SlotXO slot games

Many people love slots because of their simplicity. Yes, some variations are more complex and more advanced than the classic three-reel slot machine. Still, even those variations are straightforward to learn as long as you know the basics! All you have to know about slot games is that it is a game that relies heavily on luck. The outcomes are always random, and there’s no way to determine the outcome. It is run by software called RNG or random number generator. With that said, there’s no skill required for people to play it. All people have to do is spin the reels and hope for the best!

Here are some of the most popular games in Slot xo:

  • Enchanted Forest
  • Immortals
  • Pharoah’s Tomb
  • Fen Huang
  • Ong Bak 2
  • Tropical rush
  • Big Game Safari
  • Gold Trail
  • Wizard
  • Mythological
  • Forest Treasure
  • Dia De Los Muertos
  • Haunted House
  • Shaolin
  • Cyber race
  • Bounty Hunter
  • zodiac
  • Ocean Spray
  • Yeh Hsien
  • Lucky Streak
  • Aztec Temple
  • Fabulous Eights
  • Fortune Festival
  • Thug Life
  • Tsai Shen’s Gift
  • Winter Sweets
  • Super Stars Ong Bak
  • Dragon’s Realm
  • Tiger’s Lair
  • Lucky Joker Mayan Gems
  • Flames of Fortune
  • Fire Reign
  • Black Beard Legacy
  • Joker Madness
  • The Four Inventions
  • Mythical Sand
  • Cluster Mania
  • Dragon of the Eastern Sea
  • Journey to the West
  • Octagon Gem 2


Bingo is another simple game. It is also a game of chance. In a classic bingo scenario, players get cards with random numbers printed on them. An announcer will say out a letter and a number, and if you have them on your cards, all you have to do is mark them. The first player to get a bingo wins! That’s all there is to it. Being innovative, online casino games then alter some parts or add new features to a classic game to create a new version. Of course, the mechanics and the gist will still be the same; some defining features make it unique. That’s what you can expect from sloxo’s bingo games.

  • Golden Riches Bingo
  • Chili Hunter Bingo
  • Burning Pearl Bingo Neptune Treasure Bingo
  • Crypto Mania Bingo

Fishing Games

If you haven’t heard or tried fishing games before, these are big in Asia. It was first popular in Hong Kong and Singapore, and from there, it started getting popular all across Asia.

The premise of the game is to shoot fish with a cannon to get rewards. It’s that simple. The guns vary in different shapes and sizes. The fish in the game are also other; they vary in rarity, health, and speed. To put it simply, it is easier to shoot smaller fishes, but that also means they give fewer or smaller rewards than to shoot bigger or faster fishes for more significant rewards. Skill is not so much important. You only need experience and strategy to succeed in this game. Once you get used to it, the game will automatically seem easy to you.

  • Fish Hunter 2 Ex- Newbie
  • Fish Hunter 2 EX – Novice
  • Fish Hunter 2 EX- Pro
  • Fish Hunter 2 EX – My Club
  • Fish Hunting: Golden Toad
  • Fish Hunting: Da Sheng Nao Hai
  • Fish Hunting: Fish Hunting: Li Kui Pi Yu
  • Fish Hunting: Li Kui Pi Yu
  • Fish Hunting: Yao Qian Shu
  • Fish Hunter Spongebob
  • Fish Hunting: Happy Fish 5
  • Insect Paradise
  • Fishermans Wharf
  • Bird Paradise
  • Fish Haiba
  • Fish Hunter Monster Awaken

Bonuses to Expect

SlotXO Bonus

There are a lot of bonuses in-game and in-house. Of course, the more you play, the more prizes you get! Aside from the welcome bonus mentioned above, there are also referral bonuses. So if you refer someone and that person joins and creates an account, you can earn something from that. To do this, just let someone participate through your unique joining link. The link will redirect them to the website.

Helpful Tips That Can Help you Win in Slotxo Casino

Choose Games That you Enjoy and Understand

There are games where you don’t have to have the skills necessary, so the two most essential factors in choosing a game to play are to select a game that you have fun with and that you understand. If you don’t know yet which game it is, then the best possible way to do it is to just games that seem interesting to you as much as you can. There’s no better way. Of course, you could read reviews online; that might help but experiencing the game firsthand is better because only you can tell what you enjoy and don’t enjoy. This tip is important because when you actually play a game that you love and deeply understand, the chances of doing well are high.

Try Demos

This jives with the first tip. Before playing a game that you haven’t tried before, try to see if it has a demo version. Playing the demo version will allow you to try the game without wasting or using your money. Playing demo versions is vital because if it is your first time, you’re most likely not going to be good at it or not understand it that much. You don’t want to be losing money just because you’re trying out games or when you’re still learning the game. Or, if the game doesn’t have a trial or demo version you can play, remember not to bet a large amount of money. Just play the game in small amounts.

Don’t try to Recover Your Losses by Betting More.

A lot of players are guilty of doing this. It feels terrible knowing you’re on a losing streak but remember that one of the things you have to learn when gambling is just to accept your losses. Especially with a game like slots because it’s something you can’t control. It’s a game of chance. So if you’re on a losing streak, just take a rest and stop playing. Call it a day.

A way to easily avoid this is to set a budget. Know how much you can spend. Gambling is enjoyable, and it only becomes toxic when people spend too much or uncontrollably.

Always remember that online gambling is no investment plan. It’s a form of entertainment so be wise when spending your money. And think about it, not using up all your money in one day means you get to play some more in the next few days!

Know More About Slots!

Since Slotxo is an online casino specializing in slot games, it would be handy to know all about slots.


The symbol a slot game has depends on the theme it has. If it’s jungle-themed, then expect to find animals as symbols. If the theme is related to the ocean, the symbols will be fishes, shells, anything you can find in an ocean. You get the gist. Typical symbols from classic machines are numbers, cherry symbols, card suits, and so on.

The number of symbols also differs per game. For example, classic slot machines may only have 20 characters on each reel, but modern slot games may have 256 symbols.


One of the most critical parts of a slot game. You can find the symbols on the reels. The classic slot machine only has three reels. Online slots or newer slots usually have three or more. The common number of spins are 3, 4, 0r 5. The number of revolutions usually affects the pay lines a slot game has.


The line determines the winning combination on any slot machine. Classic slots have a horizontal pay line, while online or newer slots can have diagonal, zigzag, and other shapes. It depends on how the developer or designer created the game because there are different types of slot games, and each varies.

Classic and traditional slot machines just have one pay line. Newer ones have more, and there could be multiple possible outcomes suitable for the players because that could mean more chances of winning. Different pay lines will result in different payouts, prizes, bonuses, and jackpots.

Payout Percentage or Return to Player RTP

It refers to the amount of money a machine will pay its players over time. For example, if a device has a 75% payout, 75% of all the bet money will be paid out. This is not to be confused with the winnings any one player will make on the machine.

Hit Frequency

This is the likelihood that a slot machine has to produce a winning combination over time.

Loose and Tight

A machine is regarded as loose if it has a high hit frequency and/or RTP. On the other, a machine is considered tight if it has a low hit frequency and low RTP.


If the slot machine has low variance, it will regularly give out small wins and a few big wins. Meanwhile, high friction means it will rarely produce any wins, but the reward is guaranteed to be huge when it does.


Some bonuses that you can expect from slots are wild symbols, stacks, and expanding symbols. Wild symbols substitute standard game symbols. Its purpose is that it completes a player’s payline. On the other hand, Stack is a guaranteed pay line since it takes up one consecutive position. Lastly, expanding symbols are symbols that can grow to take over an entire reel.

Types of Slots

Because of innovation and the further development of technology, different types of slot has been created. Here are some and their definition.

Classic Reel Slots

This is the essential kind usually found in traditional casinos wherein to win, the symbols have to match in one horizontal line. The conventional design consists of signs similar to a card deck, but there are so many variations nowadays. The symbols in newer classic slots depend on the game’s theme the designer or developer decides to make. This slot machine is the easiest one because there are no extra or special rules to remember.

Multi Payline Slots

This slot type of slot game is where you’ll encounter multiple pay lines, hence the name. Prizes and rewards will differ depending on the pay line you get. Of course, because of the increased chances of winning, expect that winning will not be as huge compared to other machines. Although, some would consider this the most worth it to play because through playing, you can win back your wager. You also don’t have to wait for a jackpot to start winning some money because of the many options it has.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots and classic slots are very much alike. The only difference is the payout. In traditional slots, there is a set or designated payout value for when you win. On the other hand, the price increases for progressive slots because each wager a player puts in the game will be added to the jackpot and will keep increasing until someone wins. The only downside for progressive slots is that the chances of winning are minimal because the jackpot is so big. Although if you do get lucky, imagine winning millions even if you only spent few dollars.

Fruit Machines

Another slot game that is very similar to a classic slot game. The only difference here is the symbols. Instead of card symbols, there are pictures of fruits. Of course, you’ve seen the lucky cherries, right? There is also a twist in this game, such as nudges and folds. A nudge is when the player can only move a single reel when they spin. Ahold on the other and is when one single rotation stays in place while the other reels move.

Multi Spin Slots

This is a variation of online slots developed by Playtech. Rather than playing on one slot machine, five machines are based on the same rules as classic reel slots. Each device is referred to as a “line.”

On the first spin, only the bottom “line” spins and stops. The player is then free to hold any symbol on the first machine, and that symbol will be replicated on the rest of the machines. Then the player spins again and again until all five machines have been turned (this is while the selected symbol remains on all machines). Afterward, the payout is calculated independently for each machine.

Despite sounding quite complicated, it is easy, and it is the favorite of most players because it pays high, and the chances of winning are also exceptionally high.

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