Guide to the Top Sic Bo Strategy Options in 2022

Sic Bo

What is Sic Bo?

Sic Bo is one of the oldest but most coveted casino games and is actually an ancient Chinese game. The game stands out for many because of the simple rules, roll of dice, entertaining theme, and betting options.

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Moreso, Sic Bo is actually a game of luck that is actually attracting a lot of players to try in playing the game. But like any game, there is a strategy in winning sic bo but first, let’s know the sic bo rules and how to win multiple bets.

The best comparison for those who are not aware of Sic Bo is Roulette.

Super Sic Bo

Sometimes, Sic Bo is also known to many as Dai Siu, Tai Sai, Hi-Lo, or the Big and Small game.

The game also has different variants. In English, it’s called the Grand hazard while in the US, it’s often referred to as Chuch-a-luck.

Where can I access Sic Bo Online?

It’s enough to be clear so you shouldn’t be afraid I will never tell you the best place to play Sic Bo. Obviously, there’s hardly any place on the Internet. Probably not enough for SiC you to play on. I don’t think it’s possible. What are your recommendations? If you are new to Sic bo you may want to play the casino online. There are two Sic Bo platforms: The Sic Bo platform for BGAMING may be more simple to navigate. Every payout is already printed out on a template. The platform also allows for real or free gambling.

How does Sic Bo work?

For those new to the game, Sic Bos is normally played using 3D dice at a sic bo table where players bet in the game. Wagering includes a total of three dice – high and low dice, double, and triple combinations which are all possible.

The bets are placed on various parts of the table and the dice are inside a chest that the dealer will look after as the game progresses. Once bets have been made, the dealer shakes the chest and then shows the players the combination that came out.

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Possible Sic Bo betting options

Although the game involves only involves three dice, there are many ways in betting strategies to sic bo. The sic bo bets rules apply to the following different bets:

Big – the score can be between 11 to 17 except for a triple.

Small – A score between 4 to 10 except for a triple.

Odd – It involves odd numbers except for a triple.

Even – It involves even numbers except for a triple.

Specific ‘Alls’ or ‘Triples’ – All three dice will show a specific number.

Specific Doubles – At least two of the dice will show a specific number.

Any All ‘Alls’ or Triple – Any triples must appear.

Triple Dice Total – There must be a specific combination bet that must appear such as the numbers such as:

  • 11 or 10
  • 12 or 9
  • 13 or 8
  • 14 or 7
  • 15 or 6
  • 16 or 5
  • 17 or 4

Dice combination – Two of the dice must show a different set of numbers.

Single dice bet – The numbers 6,5,4,3,2 or 1 should appear as three, two, or one dice.

Four number combination – Three of the four numbers must show a certain combination. Examples would be:

  • 6,5,4,3
  • 6,5,3,2
  • 4,3,2,1

Three Single number combination – The die must have a specific combination of three numbers.

Specific Double and Single number combination – Two of the three dice must show a specific number while the third must be a different number.

Dealer at a Sic Bo table

How do you win big small?

A small bet wins if the totals of the three rolls are 0 or 9. These odds have a 48.6% success rate. A good bet wins if 3 dice have a total of 11 – 17. Almost all times this bet won. 46.51%.

What happens when you roll 11 in craps?

Craps definition. You win on seven rolls, and you lose when two rolls are played, three rolls or 12 rolls (the term “crags”). The point is that rolls are a new number that rolls if there is no 7 for victory.

Sic Bo Strategy and Rules to Remember

Like casino games out there, there are ways to play Sic Bo. If you are first-time in the game, then here are some sic bo strategies you can use.

Start with smaller bets. As first-timers, it’s highly recommended that you start by betting smaller bets until you are able to master the game. It’s important that you choose the best with the highest probabilities and best house edge.

Small and big bets almost offer almost the same chance of a win and good payout. Playing sic bo does not require many skills and you can easily work on them. It’s important that you try a series of combination bets, which will require you to choose two numbers to play the game. The key to playing is to do a series of combination bets that you can use until that combination bet can give you the results you want.

Sic Bo game

Sic Bo Strategy for Advanced Players

Once those who played Sic Bo get the hang of playing it, they now move on to being advanced and be more flexible with their bets. A lot of players can either make a double bet or multiple bets depending on the strategies that you do. Sometimes, the right sic bo combination bet may actually be four or five bets.

it’s very important to note that you have to decide on the numbers you want to be on as, after all, you must select those with high probabilities. Each player has their own sic bo strategy to follow so there will be instances you can either win or lose the game.

The Best Sic Bo Strategy for Expert Players

Experts who play sic bo can play with higher strategies or the risk sic bo. For as long as you have sufficient credits to play sic bo, then you can make different combination bets regardless of small and big bets. Although some combination bets will have low probabilities, the total payout will be high enough to cover any losses and give you. a good profit.

Remember that sic bo strategy depends on the combination bet you make. Making more than one bet is already a big risk so that risk can also lead to a winning strategy in the end. So you have to play responsibly and what may be the best strategy is not the best at all.

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Types of strategies to use

There are various types of strategies that you can use in sic bo. But there are four types that players used in sic bo. These are:

Low risk sic bo

Low to medium risk sic bo

Medium risk

High risk

Playing low risk sic bo

The low-risk sic bo is an easy way to start playing the game. Players who are not yet comfortable with making big bets can start with this strategy because you have a 50/50 chance of winning the game.

Playing low to medium sic bo

Although still considered at low risk, then a big or small bet, making a bet on a small sic bo number still falls in this category. With three dice and six numbers, there is a pretty go chance of at least coming up with a specific combination.

With a single sic bo, there is a high chance that the number you get is accumulative. There is a possibility that you can get an even payout but there is a chance that you can double or triple the money which becomes an effective sic bo strategy.

Medium risk strategy

In using the medium risk strategy, it can be difficult in making specific bets. But a lot of people are willing to take the risk which in the end gives them the best money bets with the medium risk sic bo strategy.

High-risk strategy

The highest risk in playing sic bo is when someone makes a triple bet. A strategy often used is to use any of the triple options. Payout is less but the chances of winning are far higher.

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When it comes to Sic Bo Strategy, being on defense is crucial!

Sic Bo strategies are based largely on what type of bet you place that can really make a difference. While playing defense might be a little less thrilling, it is worth listening to. Sic Bo demonstrates that because it’s mainly an inherited game, patience pays much more and you need to protect rather than attack. If a team plays the defensive Sic Bo strategy, they can not just keep their bank balance and they can remain active in the game longer.

Summary of Sic Bo Strategy bets you can use

As mentioned, Sic Bo is a game that requires a lot of luck. But you don’t just have to rely on luck to win. Here’s a summary of the tips that can be the best sic bo strategy to follow.

Bet on small or big bets. The risk is low and the probabilities are notably high.

Place combination bets. They have a low house edge and high winning odds.

Avoid triple bets. Triple bets offer low probability and are considered a risk.

No Sic Bo Strategy offers Guarantee Results. As mentioned, the sic bo game is about a game of luck so you need to take risks in the combination bet you make when playing sic bo.

Do not make an impulse bet. Making a bet without thinking about it is not just a risk but also gives you a chance of losing more money than you think. So it’s important that you think about your strategy.

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Additional tips to consider in mastering sic bo

You have high chances with a 10 or 11 combination

There is a big chance that the numbers 10 or 11 would be the ones that would come out when it comes to playing the game because these are the highest possible chances when the dice are played. because of that, the payout when getting 10 or 11 is normally lower than other combinations.

Best to use small denominations

If you are going to play the high-risk strategy then it’s better that you make small bets because of the following reasons:

It’s the least likely bet and you do not want to limit your sic bo experience or try the sic bo game.

The payout is high so even if you make a small wage, you can actually win big.

How to master a Sic Bo Strategy

Before even mastering a sic bo strategy, it’s important that you are already familiar with the rules of the game. Aside from that, you should consider your level of expertise. As mentioned, there are different strategies ranging from beginners to advanced, and experts. For sample games, check out videos online to learn more on how to master your own sic bo strategy.

Once you have practiced and got the hand of the sic bo, then it’s time to move to another level. It’s time to play sic bo in the casino with real money as your wager.

Balanced Sic Bo Strategy – It’s all in the bets!

If you think that your Low-Risk strategy should be followed unless you want more, then it would be a good option. – Balanced Sic Bo Strategy: Balanced cricketers are players who seek larger gains but are not necessarily a good excuse to not take caution. The number that offers you the most chance is nine or 12 as this gives your payout closest to your probability (payments 3-6 to 1, odds against 15-3 to 2). The trick here would be placing your wager on the desired total before you combined this with 3 double beds.

Another thing to remember in winning sic bo: it’s all about the Math! When you deal with combinations, it really involves your Mathematical skills. The worst bets to wager are 4 or 17 because the combination can only be created in one way, which the hit can be unlikely.

Overall, why try to sic bo?

Sic bo is not for everyone. But once you get the chance and the hang of playing it, you’ll definitely enjoy the experience.

Sic bo casinos are not yet popular in some places but those who can access them really are challenged by the game. Those who love Math will definitely get a kick in playing the game because it not only makes them think but also challenges their analytical and problem-solving skills in how to make the combination work.

Another reason to try sic bo is that aside from tracing its roots in China, it brings meaning and story to playing the game. Sic bo players in a way feel the history of playing the game because of the challenge of coming up with the combination that can make them win.

So is sic bo worth the try? It’s definitely worth the try because not only are the players challenged in making that big bet but also relying on the skills that they have to take that risk and get the money.

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