Sic Bo – How to play in Singapore

How to play SicBo

Sic Bo is a fun any easy game that beginners will feel safe to try. It’s also really easy to understand and get used to. Although if you are feeling a bit nervous to go to a casino and try it for the first time you can always just try it on a online casino first. There are a lot of online casinos that offer Sic Bo. Online casinos are just as fun as actual and traditional casinos because the stakes are the same since you’re also just playing and betting with real money. Listed below are online casinos that you might want to check out so you could play Sic Bo.


  • MyBet88
  • Jackpot City
  • Spin Casino
  • Ruby Fortune
  • Royal Vegas
  • Gaming Club

What is Sic Bo?

Sic Bo is a Chinese dice game. Sic Bo is another type of gambling game that relies heavily on luck. It’s a game of chance and it does’t require any strategy or skill. All you do in Sic Bo is place your bet on the table. The dice is shaken and if the outcome of the roll matches your bet you win. It’s that simple. Each and every variety of bet has their own equivalent payout odds.

Let us break down the components that make the game what it is. The more you know the about the game the easier it is for you do understand.

The Table

The variety of dice combinations the player can bet on is laid out on the Sic Bo table. It is illustrated along with the associated payout odds. Having everything on the table makes everything easier especially for new players.

The Dice

The game is played with three dice and the the players bet on the out come of each roll.

The Shaker

Unlike craps where you just roll the dice on the table, in Sic Bo the dice are rolled using an electronic dice shaker.

The Digital Board

The outcomes of the past rounds are displayed on the digital board. Although this is just for reference or to display how the recent rounds has been going. If you’re planning on using the information from the past rounds to select your bet that may not be a really good strategy since each outcome is independent from the last. Always remember that every roll of the dice results to random outcomes.

The Dealers

On each table there are two dealers whose job is to exchange the chips, monitor the bets, and facilitate the game.

How to Play the Game

There are only five simple steps that you need to know in order to learn how to play Sic Bo.

First, Set Your Budget

With any gambling game, you have to be smart with your bets because it’s so easy to spend all the money you have. Gambling is so thrilling and exciting that’s why it’s so easy to get carried away. It’s your hard earned money you’re playing with and seeing it go to waste takes away the fun of gambling. To budget your money avoid using a debit card or credit card with additional funds that you don’t intent to use. Also budgeting your money allows you to have some more to use for a different day.

Second, Buying Chips

Now, that you have established your budget, time to buy some chips. To buy chips just set your money on the table so that the dealer could get you chips that is equal the amount of the money you set on the table. If you try to hand your money to the dealer directly they won’t accept it. This is a basic casino etiquette mistake that beginners are prone to making. Putting the money that you want to be exchanged for chips on the table is part of the security measures the casino has. This is so that the amount can be clearly seen on the security cameras. This protects players from receiving the wrong amount of chips or the dealer from giving the wrong amount of chips. Just like how you can’t give your money directly to the dealer, the dealer can’t also hand the chips on your hands. The dealer will simply put your chips on the table in front of you.

Third, Placing Your Bets

To make a bet just simply place the chips on the squares on the table. Each square represents possible outcome combinations. Although Sic Bo is a luck based game, there are actually strategies that will help you get better chances of winning. For example, there are certain combinations that has better chances of being rolled. You can use the payout information for each bet, which is clearly displayed on the table, to gauge the odds of each outcome.  Just remember, the higher the payout the less like that outcome will occur and the lower the payout the greater the chance of that outcome happening. These are just simple tips but at the end of the day, it all about testing your luck out.

Different Sic Bo Bets

Total Bets

The third row from the bottom shows the three number total bets. This is the simplest bet on Sic Bo. For this bet, players bet on the total sum of all three dice. The payout on each total bet differ based on the probability of a particular total occurring. The payouts are on the table.

Big Bets and Small Bets

Big and Small bets are found on each top corner. Big Bets is when the outcome is between 11 and 17. Small bets on the other hand is the total sum of the outcome is between 4 to 10. The payout for big and small bets is 1 to 1 or even money. Big and small bets are known to be safe options. Although the payout is lower, the likelihood of it happening to happen is higher.

Single Number Bets

The first row from the bottom shows the single number bets. This is when one specific number comes up ay any of the 3 dice. The payout for this bet depends on how many dice come up with the number you bet on. If it turns up once, you get paid 1 to 1, if it turns up twice, you get paid 2 to 1, and if it comes up on all three, you get paid 3 to 1.

Two Number Combination Bets

The second row from the bottom has the two number combination bets. Here, you bet on the chance of two specific numbers appearing among the three dice. The payout for this bet is 6 to 1. For example you bet $5 and you win, the payout is $30.

Triple Bets and Pair/Double Bets

The top row has the triple and pair bets and the big and small bets. For triple bets you can bet on any specific set of triples or bet an outcome where three dice has the same exact number. Same with pair bets. Pair bets is when two out of three dice has the same exact number. It may be tempting to bet on a triple or a double because of the big payout but do note there the probability of it happening is only just 0.46%

Fourth, Wait for the Dice to Land

The dice shaker is activated by the dealer by pushing a button on the table. Check the dice for the outcome.

Lastly, Collect your winnings.

After viewing the outcome, the dealer will collect the bets that did not win and pay the ones that did. Be sure to collect your winnings before the next round starts so that you could avoid making bets you did not intend to make.

House Edge

What is a house edge?

The house edge is a built-in mathematical advantage the casino has over the player on a game. A house edge is an assured percentage loss from your bet. Basically, just think of it as a way for the casino to profit and keep their business running. Just like any other businesses, they have bills and staff to pay.

Sometimes when you play you’ll here the terms true odds and payout odds. True odds means that there is no house edge and payout odds mean that the house gets it significant edge.

What is the house edge for Sic Bo?

In Sic Bo, the house edge ranges from 2.78% to 18.98%, which is high compared to other casino games.


Here are a few tips. Although do remember that anyone can win or lose. In Sic Bo or in any casino games that relies on chance, there’s no way to certainly know for sure what the outcome will be.

Try to avoid bets with high payouts.

It is tempting for sure but the payout is high for a reason and that reason is that the probability of the outcome happening is low. Bets that have huge payouts also tend to have higher house edge. Betting on high paying bets can easily drain your fund. Sticking with bets that have 1 to 1 payout odds may seem less exciting and thrilling, but they have the potential of maximizing your budget and not to mention extend your play time. As mentioned before for sic bo the best bet to pic are either small or big bets.

The table doesn’t get hot nor cold. It’s all random.

Whatever the stats on the digital board says, it doesn’t matter. Whether it says that the table is on a “hot streak” or a “cold streak” it doesn’t affect the game. The digital board is just a record of the past outcomes of each round. Looking a the board can’t help you win. Everything in Sic bo is purely random. So just pick any table.

Don’t chase your losses.

This is a good tip for any casino game really, people tend to get carried away whether they’re on a winning or a losing streak. When the player is on a winning streak, the thrill and excitement is so good and addicting that they want to push their luck and up the ante. On the other hand, when a player is on a losing streak they want to gain back what they’ve lost to lose the empty feeling they got from losing their money. Know when to call it quits and stop playing. That’s also why setting a budget is so important in gambling. Also it’s really just helpful to remember that there are good days and there are bad days.

Don’t bet according to past outcomes.

This has been mentioned before but it’s worth repeating. You’ll be surprised how many people base their bets on the outcome of the previous rounds. Again, there is no way to tell what the outcome of the next round is going to be like. The past rounds have no effect on the coming rounds. It’s all random.

Some numbers aren’t luckier that others.

It is common for gamblers to be superstitious. I can’t blame them because there are chances that it might work. Since it is a game of chance, our hunch and our intuition is all we have. But betting on your lucky or favorite number isn’t a guaranteed win. Sic Bo is about putting your money on the right bet at the right time.


Keep the casino a safe and fun place for everyone.

Keep your drink of the table.

The only thing that really belongs on the Sic Bo table are casino chips. Plus, by not setting your drink down, there’s no risk of a messy spill.

Keep your cool.

There’s no need to rage or cause a scene when things doesn’t go your way. Gambling isn’t always fun. As exciting and thrilling as it is, it also gets frustrating. Don’t fight any of the other players or the dealer. It’s no one else’s fault. Neither the other players or the dealer has any effect to the game you have been having.

Be aware of where you’re standing.

At any time, there could be multiple players at a Sic Bo table, and each one will be reaching across the table to place bets. Be aware of those around you and make sure everyone can place their chips where they want. This is about making sure that the casino is a safe and harmonious environment. Everyone’s just there to have fun just like you.


When choosing an online casino choose ones that offer really good payout because not all casinos offer the same payout. It is also important to choose a trusted online casino to guarantee excellent quality and service. You want the games to be performing well and you want your experience to run smoothly. Having a reliable banking service and dedicated customer support are just two of the important things you have to consider when chosing the right casino for you.

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