Online Poker Betting Guide for Beginners in 2022

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For anyone who likes poker games Online must come this way! In this article, we’re going to talk about online poker, going deeper into how to play. How to play and bet guide Whether a novice player Professional surfers and players all over the world. Today we’ve gathered some interesting facts and information you need to know about the different types of online poker. You can find out in this game guide.

What is a poker card game?

The number 1 most popular online casino game around the world is playing poker card games. which has a long history With the strengths that are not complicated, but require the use of thinking, wit and acumen in decision-making, poker players must be very intelligent. Of course, there are professional poker players all over the world in the European and American regions. These professional poker players often compete in WSOP tournaments or World Series tournaments, with winners receiving up to $1 million in prize money.

So poker cards are A form of card game in online casinos where every player must rely on the science of probability, psychology, luck and experience in order to get the desired payout. The heart of poker is playing. Bets are placed and the poker player who is dealt a card with the best sum of the face value of the cards wins and receives the payout from the provider immediately.

The history of poker

There is an assumption that Poker card games originated from all over the world. whether it is China India Germany and France in ancient china Dominoes were initiated and symbols were placed on small pieces of wood. It is believed to be the source of poker cards. In India there is a card game called “Ganjifa”, in Germany there is a game called “Poshspiel”, and in France there is a card game called “Pogue”, which is similar in betting and poker. Nowadays and it is so popular that there are tournaments ever organized.

Although there are many assumptions and there is no conclusive evidence that Where does the poker game come from, but it can be assumed that The game of poker is an adaptation of the gambling game of the past and the poker game of today. After the game of poker became popular all over the world, Mr. Jonathan H Green named this game Poker Game.

An online poker card game played by players all over the world.

If you go back a few decades ago Poker card games are popular in casinos. But nowadays with the internet and technology plays a role. Therefore, poker card games that are played in casinos have been brought to be modified to be in the form of playing poker on live casinos and online casinos that can be played. become poker Online as we know it today.

online poker games Bets can be placed from all over the world with other players every day. Just make a subscription today with an online casino that offers. Players will have a login account, log in and start making bets immediately. Don’t forget to check out the promotions too. Usually it can be used through a computer. mobile phone Smartphones and tablets available 24/7 through your online casino operator.

Types of online poker games

There are many types and forms of online poker that are popular in casinos. In which players can choose to play poker as they want. which can be divided into

Texas Hold'em Poker

Texas Hold’em Poker

It is the most popular poker card game in casinos and the most familiar poker game. Players are dealt 2 cards in each hand and there are 5 community cards. Poker players must combine all 7 of your cards to get the best possible card. This is decided by the person with the biggest card and the other players who have dealt all of their cards. This type of poker game is not complicated and is a poker that can study playing techniques and how to play in general.

Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) Poker

It is an advanced poker card game that is also popular in casinos. It is played similar to Texas Hold’em poker but is dealt a total of 4 cards (or 5 and 6) and 5 community cards. Poker players must combine 2 cards in their hand. In the community card set get the best cards. This is decided by who has the biggest card against the other players who have dealt all of their cards. This type of poker game is inferior in popularity to Texas Hold’em poker but is more complex. Not suitable for novice players due to the larger hand.

Stud Poker (Stut)

It is a poker card game without community cards. In the game, 2 poker cards are dealt to the player, one face down and one face up. By using the method of betting rounds per round If more cards are dealt, more bets must be placed for that round until the end of the game. This can be divided into playing any number of cards such as 5-card Stud, 7-Card Stud, and Razz. This type of poker is not often seen but is played with some players in casinos.

Draw Poker

It’s the kind of poker we often see in retro movies. or Hollywood movies If it’s a poker style that allows players to choose the best card swap according to the rules of each table that have been set, this type of poker is rare nowadays and is not popular in casinos. How many Asian casinos?

Short Deck Poker

or poker 6+ in Thailand that is popular among Thai people The rules are similar to Texas Hold’em poker. Just take out the cards with 2-5 face value and when the two blinds are eliminated, the game starts with Button or Dealer. Not suitable for novice players who need to use playing techniques. More advanced strategies and methods of playing

Poker Game Vocabulary You Should Know!

The first foundation for a novice player to play poker like a pro is a technique for memorizing poker terminology that is widely used internationally. The reason you should learn is because To play poker games, players must be called according to their position. Each eye will be in a different position. including the terms used to call playing in Thailand and each type of betting Let’s take a look at what the words are.

  1. Button or Dealer is a player who plays the role of the dealer in that round. It is the most advantageous position. because they will be forced to play as the last Therefore, it is better to look at other players’ attitudes and predict the situation in advance, but being a dealer requires a rotation. alternating every round which will change its position clockwise. Therefore, every player has the opportunity to be a dealer.
  2. Big Blind is the player to the left of the 2nd dealt (2nd person next to the dealer) with the condition that the full bet must be placed.
  3. Small Blind is the player to the left of the 1st card dealt (the person next to the dealer), with the condition that they bet equal to half of the lowest stake in that round.
  4. Pot is a pool bet on the table.
  5. Flop is a community card that players can mix with their own cards to get the biggest card.
  6. Fold or fold or discard is to fold the cards away because they do not want to play. or unable to continue playing cards which does not prevent players from having to lose their bets
  7. Check or Pass is a player who does not want to increase the bet amount to pass. Let other players continue playing.
  8. Call or fight is to place bets equal to other players to continue playing.
  9. Raise or getup is to increase the bet amount more than the other players.
  10. Bet is the bet and the prize money that the player will receive.

The international abbreviation for poker.

  • A is Ace (ace)
  • K is King
  • Q is Queen (queen or madam).
  • J is Jack
  • T is ten

As for the ascending order of the cards in poker games, they are as follows: A, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, T, J, Q, K, A ( where A can represent the largest value and also represent the number 1)

Rules and how to play poker

In this article we will talk about the rules. Rules and Methods for Playing Texas Hold’em Poker Game Because it is a game suitable for novice players. which has a method that is not as complicated as other types of poker as well as being able to find techniques The formula is common because it is very popular.

How to play poker online and playing poker cards

  • Each player receives 2 personal cards each (they are not face-up cards for others to see).
  • There are 5 more community cards in the middle, which are divided into 3 community reveals:
    • 3 Card Showdown (Flop Round)
    • Round that reveals 1 more card (turn round)
    • And the round that will reveal 1 last card (River round)
  • Each player has the right to choose from any of the following bets:
    • Fold or crouch or surrender without placing more bets when knowing that they are not eligible to win for sure. It is recommended to fold when you get a bad suit.
    • Call or fight by placing money in the game to fight against other players.
    • Raise or raise by placing a higher bet than other players in order to show other players that you have the best hand with a high chance of winning.
  • Each player must line up their cards in their hand. Combine with community cards to get the best suit.

Poker hand ranking

Poker hand rankings and card strength (Hand Rankings)

  • Royal Straight Flush is a card consisting of A, K, Q, J, 10 of the same suit. any flower and any color All colors have the same value. It doesn’t matter which color is bigger.
  • Straight flush or straight flush is a sequence of 5 cards of the same suit.
  • Four cards or Quad (Four of a kind) are four cards of the same rank.
  • Full House or pair (Full House) is a card that consists of a pair and a pair. If the points are equal, count first. followed by double
  • Flush or color (Flush) is 5 cards of the same suit, in case there are more than one flush, count the most cards. to be treated as a Kicker
  • Straight or arranged (Straight) is any card that has 5 consecutive points. In the event that there are more than 1 person in the same order, count from the largest card. to be treated as a Kicker
  • Three or Triple (Three of a kind) is a card of the same rank, 3 cards, in case of three equal points, count the Kicker instead.
  • 2 pairs (Two pairs) are cards that have 2 pairs, which can be divided into 3 cases.
    • If there are 2 pairs of cards that are the same, count the highest card first.
    • If there are 2 pairs of cards with the same highest value. count the next pair of cards
    • If there are 2 pairs of cards that are the same, count the Kicker instead.
  • 1 pair (One pair) is a card that has 1 pair, in case of the same pair of cards, count the Kicker to decide.
  • High card if the cards are not matched with any of the above. To count the highest card. If the fire has the highest fever, it is considered the winner. In case the first highest card has the same value Continue to count the 2nd card. If the 2nd card is still the same value, it is considered a tie and the pot is divided.

Techniques for playing online poker for real money Popular online poker formulas in Thailand 2021

  • room selection techniques

This is a very popular technique for playing online poker only. Because you can join a poker room to see and predict the playing style of other players. This was a great opportunity for us to assess how many new poker players there are in this room. The more new players you have, the more chances you have of becoming a winner.

  • self-protection techniques

This popular technique is suitable for beginner players who are not very experienced. By checking the 2 poker cards received in the hand we get a chance to win or not. If you feel hesitant or will have to win with community cards To squat immediately. Because the fog will not cost you real money bets. Including the chance to win a community card may cause you to lose without knowing. Wait for the chance and the cards in your hand to look more attractive then you can play.

  • Opponent bluff technique
  • or tricking opponents that we have bigger cards than anyone This technique is suitable for experienced players as it requires a lot of confidence and strategy. This may be just a trick to call for more pot money.

Conclusion about online poker

Online poker games are games that all players can play in online casinos. Even if you are playing from home, if you choose a live casino that offers online poker promotions. GUARANTEED 100% ORIGINAL CASINO GUARANTEE This Player’s Guide may be only a fraction of how you can play poker online, but if you have the time, you’ll want to try online poker for yourself to see. What strategies and techniques do other players play? Then apply it to yourself appropriately in each situation to win the prize money! Want to play poker online and earn real money? Sign up with an online casino here to receive a welcome promotion for new members today!

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