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Get yourselves ready Come and meet Melbet online gambling website, the best betting website sent directly from abroad. Online casinos that are popular with gamblers around the world. Enjoy a full range of casino games betting. Provides the highest payout rate Works on mobile and free to download casino game apps. Be prepared to place bets at any time. with the fastest deposit and withdrawal system It is safe and has many ways to apply for membership and receive a welcome bonus and new member promotions up to 3,500 baht! Follow welcome bonuses and promotions right here!

Introducing Melbet football betting website, the most popular betting website.

In this article, I would like to introduce MelBet online casino, an online gambling website sent directly from abroad. Expanding services to Thai brothers and sisters. Here’s a look at what interesting information Melbet online gambling website has.

Get to know Melbet Casino and bet every day.

Online gambling website Melbet is an online gambling website that offers betting, casino games, and a full range of sports games. It is an operation of Pelican Entertainment Ltd. Opened since 2012, it is almost 10 years that it has been providing casino games to Eastern European gamblers. Now it’s good news for you to try this best online gambling website.


Melbet is known for providing online casinos. Fully integrated live casino It is also supported in sports betting from the most comprehensive and reliable online sports betting platform. There are various playing and betting styles. whether it is betting online sports betting Thousands of matches are broadcast live. whether football Ice Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Baseball, Cricket, Snooker, Bowling, Curling, Floorball and roller hockey. Stay tuned at Melbet Casino.

Melbet online gambling website

Melbet has an online casino business certificate from Curacao.

The operation of online gambling website Melbet is legal. It has been audited and regulated by Curaçao e-Gaming, an agency that verifies the online gambling business to operate legally. Standard security system be safe Trusted and licensed, Antillephone NV operates fairly. Don’t be afraid of being cheated and it’s good for yourself. players as well You can check the license details on the website of Melbet online gambling website.

Online gambling website Melbet on mobile, full of betting 24 hours a day.

At present, online gambling website Melbet has developed a service website that supports Thai language. It can be said to facilitate the gamblers to have easier access and easier to understand, which means It is easier for users to understand the rules of play, conditions, details, payout rates, including promotions than before.

In addition, Melbet has developed a mobile application. Can be downloaded for both Android and iOS systems, accessible even for mobile phones in compact form. Portable, but we have designed it to be easy to use. You can switch the usage bar exactly as you like. Plus, the quality of service is not different from using the website at all. Deposits and withdrawals are also convenient.

Melbet develops an automated payment system that is easy to use and fast.

Another outstanding feature of online casino Melbet is the development of innovations and new technologies sent directly from the European side. Applied to the payment system of deposit and withdrawal transactions Users are often concerned about security. Ease of use and speed of transactions The system that we use is an automatic deposit and withdrawal system. Able to transact through a variety of channels internationally You can also make transactions quickly and instantly. It can be said that the answer to the usage is exactly the point as well.

Melbet Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

  • Make a deposit (minimum 50 baht). Deposit methods via credit card Visa, Mastercard, E wallet, online payment system, Pre paid, bank transfer and cryptocurrencies are very convenient.
  • Make a withdrawal (minimum 35 baht). Withdrawal via Visa, Mastercard, E wallet, MTS mobile, online payment system, Pre paid, bank transfer and cryptocurrencies. quickly Get paid within 1 minute – 3 hours depending on the method you withdraw.

24/7 Melbet Customer Support

In the event that the customer has a problem need help Deposit bonus issue deposit withdrawal any login Customer support can be contacted through the online consultant contact and telephone contact provided free of charge. The team will help customers 24 hours a day for sure.

Games on Melbet

Start betting with Melbet. What bets can I make?

  • online sports betting

Let’s get started with online sports betting games. Having said that, if you are an avid sports fan, you will surely love Melbet Online Casino because log in and you will see a list of sports betting options on offer. Thousands of thousands to choose from to bet on your favorite sports every day. Follow every match like popular sports Online football betting, golf, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, volleyball, table tennis, handball, cricket, esports, etc. Any sport that is organized, you can follow them all.

  • Esports Virtual Sports Simulation Sports

For some people who prefer esports, virtual sports, virtual sports or fantasy football, Melbet has selected dozens of esports tournaments, including FIFA, DotA, League of Legends (LoL), Counter strike (CS). ) and Formula1, etc. to choose to bet fully.

  • Bet on other online games

The novelty of online gambling website Melbet is that the game is not easily found in Asian online casinos. Having played Asian online gambling sites, we will be familiar with the popular live casinos in Asia, but having played other online gambling games that we have never known before, it might seem. It’s a risky bet, but it might be a good chance for us to get to know a new game. new winning opportunities It may be easier to make money than the games we know. For example, the Lucky Wheel game, Under and Over 7 Game, Apple of Fortune Game, Higher VS Lower Game, Fruit Cocktail Game, Dice Game, 777 Game, Yahtzee Game, Money Wheel Game, Wild West Gold Game, Indian Poker Game, Western Slot Game, Game Dragon’s Gold, Card Odds, Witch from Game of Thrones, Heads or Tail,s Lucky Card, Dominoes, Thimbles, Rock Paper Scissors, Diamond Slot, etc. Just by looking at the name, you know it’s a game. new You have to try playing it yourself.

  • Bet on TV Live Game Live

Melbet’s TV games will also be broadcasting live games from overseas casinos that are run by beautiful dealers or Live. Each game has a different playing style. You can bet according to your favorite game. Most of the games are jackpot games. which will have a number of prizes Past game statistics for information on betting Betting formats vary from game to game, such as Fruit Race, Teen Patti Games, Mega6 Games, 1Bet Games, Poker Games, Joker Games, Keno Games, etc. Anyone who likes this style of betting should check it out. Full HD quality of live broadcasts sent directly from beautiful overseas dealers. guaranteed fun.

  • casino bet

On the website, there will be a combination of casino bets, including Live Casino, Live Slots, Online Slots, Bingo and Toto. (This is a bet on the outcome of online sports as the website has set a certain amount. Each day, the game will be changed continuously) teamed by world-renowned game providers such as Evolution Gaming, Asia Gaming, Gameplay interactive, etc. You can choose whether you want to play baccarat, roulette or dice games. other as you wish

Privileges, bonuses and interesting Melbet promotions

As one user will not talk about privileges The bonuses and promotions that online casinos offer to their member players are not as important as they help to increase the value of the winning winnings. It also rewards members who use the service continuously and regularly. Let’s take a look at the following bonuses and promotions:

  • Get 100% first deposit bonus up to 3,500 baht, deposit 3,500 baht, give you 3,500 baht immediately.
  • Get a welcome bonus for new members, bet 1,000 baht, give you 1,000 baht for free bets.
  • Get 100% cashback bonus for accumulator bets.
  • Receive a birthday gift bonus for you instantly 20 FS without deposit No membership required or have any wagering requirements
  • GET BONUS FOR MEMBERS Get a 50% bonus just by updating your personal phone number.
  • Get a bonus for 100 bets, get a bonus equal to the average stake of 100 bets.

Melbet has a payout rate. The best odds and rates

Unbelievable, I have to believe that at Melbet the payout rate is very high. In particular, live sports betting offers payout rates of up to 95%, with low water bills. That means that online casinos can offer fair odds. By providing the best rates and water bills, users will have access to the most rewards. If other online casinos would not dare to offer such a good offer. Players therefore do not receive the profit they deserve.

Do you know why everyone loves Melbet?

Melbet is considered to be one of the most popular online casinos in Thailand. With many advantages as follows:

  • Convenient Auto Deposit and Withdrawal Starting with a minimum deposit of 50 baht and a withdrawal of 35 baht only, and now deposits and withdrawals can be made with MTS mobile and access to cryptocurrencies.
  • have fair odds Provides a pay rate of up to 95% and a very low water bill.
  • There are different types of games to bet on. Most of them are new games and are not easy to find, especially toto bets.
  • Thousands of live sports broadcasts every day. With high definition, Full HD, clear, uninterrupted, full betting
  • Bonuses and promotions are heavy, full, especially promotions to welcome new members up to 3,500 baht, plus there are daily bonuses to choose from.
  • It is a trusted online casino, certificated, secure. Full security system up to 100

for the best betting experience of users You don’t have to look anywhere. There is no need to go to many places to apply. It is recommended to register and login to make a deposit to receive a deposit bonus. Make bets and try new games. your favorite game You can apply for membership here. Don’t wait any longer and become a member of Melbet together!

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