Maxim99: How to Get Welcome Bonus $200

There’s no doubt that one of the industries which faced significant shifts lately is the world of gaming and entertainment. Because of the convenience brought by the internet and how advanced graphic interfaces became, games and gambling caught up with the changes, giving way to a more accessible yet similarly enticing way to play.

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And it’s not just evident in online multiplayer or role-playing games. What also emerged were the now-trending online casinos that have certainly kept gamers hooked, all while staying in the comforts of their own homes.

Online Casinos

Still, with the lively atmosphere that casinos always seem to have, an online casino often presents its games along with flashy lights and striking visuals.

Even greater is how accessible online casino games are, either through mobile devices or personal computers. Gone are the days when gambling is done solely by visiting an actual casino. By being compatible with these gadgets, users can now play casino games anywhere and anytime! This ease has certainly added to the reasons why people have pivoted to online betting.

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Truth be told, online casinos aren’t hard to find anymore. So many online casinos exist nowadays that the market has grown a bit saturated. A simple search will lead you to a myriad of options to choose from, with almost every website or software a breeze to make an account on. Most casinos have similarities with one another which is a bit expected given that they all have the same purpose of giving their users a fun and easy space to relax and enjoy.

For the casino players, what could take time is finding the best casino that will check all their boxes. On the other hand, the challenge for an online casino lies in effectively demonstrating how its services can satisfy all types of users.

Online Casino – Singapore

If we’re looking at current trends, online casinos have been making big waves in Asia, completely altering the gaming industry in this region. One online casino stood out, in particular: Maxim99 Casino.

This casino has grown into a significant market in Singapore, Brunei, and Malaysia. Over the years, Maxim99 Casino has crafted a reputable name for itself, and this article will outline how this online casino from Singapore has risen to the top of the game.

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Feel Like A Winner with Maxim99 Casino

What makes an online casino brand stand out is how it proves to be more attractive and superior to the rest of the casinos available online.

Maxim99 Casino does just that, not only through the games it offers on the platform but also through the bonuses gamers could get effortlessly. It’s also easy to enjoy every win because there’s little to no hassle when it comes to withdrawing the prizes won on the website.

It’s this combined power of plays, promotions, and payment that’s boosted the name of Maxim99 and made it a go-to online casino. Let’s dive into each and see how Maxim99 Casino did it!

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Huge range of casino games

It’s as straightforward as can be: the primary reason people visit an online casino is to play the games. Come to think of it, games are central to the very existence of an online casino and it goes without saying that it’s one of the first things players would look at.

In this case, Maxim99 Casino boasts of its extensive catalog of games ranging from the classics to the newly-introduced, from the popular and the emerging.

Here are popular games showcased on Maxim99, to name a few:

  • Leprechaun Hell
  • Moon Princess
  • Mystery 7s
  • 7 Sins

At the same time, Maxim99 has new games to keep things exciting and fresh. Among the many new games are Shaolin Spin, 1,000,000 Cents, and Sweet 27.

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Hone in on the Homepage

This Singaporean casino also earns a few plus points for having an easy-to-understand homepage. One look at its games lobby and you’ll notice how its entire gaming portfolio can be displayed in alphabetical order or by game features. Aside from that, it can be arranged according to popularity, game provider, and pay lines.

Speaking of game providers, Maxim99 houses 16 jackpot games, 182 online slots, and 16 table games from different providers offering their own innovative gaming content, namely: BetSoft Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Big Gaming, Playtech, and many more! These bring baccarat, roulette, and blackjack over to Maxim99.

Surely, users will never get tired of the plenty of options available!

Maxim99 Dashboard

Promotions, big prizes, and bonus offers

Of course, gamers would choose the casino that would be the most rewarding — also in the literal sense. I mean, who wouldn’t want to raise their winnings even more?

Here are a few ways how Maxim99 wins its users through their offered bonuses:

1. Welcome bonus

Is there a better way to start than with a welcome bonus?

Consider this the very first win of your Maxim99 gaming journey! In this online casino, newly registered users get their first rewards for simply signing up and making their first three deposits. Maxim99 Casino greets its new users with a generous three-level welcome bonus worth $2000 and 200 free spins to get the ball rolling.

2. Progressive jackpot

All eyes in the grand prize. In Maxim99, there are 16 progressive jackpot slots whose sizes increase as it gets even more bets. A case in point is the Absolute Super Reels whose jackpot prize once reached around SGD51,000. Must’ve been hard to keep calm when this amount kept rising!

Some included in the jackpot games are the Mona Lisa Jewels, Ultimate Super Reels, Super Multitimes Progressive, and Lady Super Luck.

Indeed, its winners are blessed by lady luck, as jackpot money often reaches an amount enough to make someone’s life turn a complete 180.

Progressive jackpot

3. Extra bonuses

The chance of earning a Maxim99 bonus doesn’t stop there. Aside from the bonus given at the start, who doesn’t want to gain a random, extra bonus along the way? Maxim99 offers its players a generous amount of rewards that will definitely keep them coming back for more!

Loyal users of Maxim99 are rewarded with yearly loyalty bonuses and free credits as a thank you for their constant support.

Sometimes it depends on the gadget used: players using mobile devices can receive a bonus of up to $250 if they successfully make at least a $20 deposit through their phones or tablets.

There are some perks given on a specific day, too! A player who adds $20 or more to their account can receive a bonus of 25% on all their deposits, which they will receive on Mondays.

On Wednesdays, 100 free spins are given to gamers who make a deposit of at least $100 in the last seven days. This is strategically available for Maxim99’s famous slots such as Fruit Zen and Kawaii Kitty. Spend Sunday rest days gaining Maxim99’s customized rewards, so don’t miss out on logging in during this day.

Maxim99 Live Casino

Maxim99 and Money Matters

We talk about the hefty amount of thrilling promotions, but a common thread among them is that they all start with the user depositing some money into the website.


Luckily, making deposits in Maxim99 Casino is straightforward and without trouble! Fund your accounts free of charge only through safe and reliable deposit methods. Among the options for this online casino is ATM transfer, electronic vouchers, and eWallets, all of which can be conveniently done by using smartphones, too!


Another factor gamers consider when it comes to choosing their preferred online casino is how they will withdraw their winnings and how fast it will reflect in their account. While Neteller and Skrill withdrawals will be received in just a matter of seconds, withdrawing using Visa cards or local bank transfer might mean waiting up to three business days to receive the money.

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A Safe Wager?

We all know casino games are closely tied with cash and betting; almost as if the words can’t be separated from each other. But reasonably, no one wants to bet on their safety and security. As much as possible, this is a portion we keep sure and risk-free.

Since casinos and cash go almost hand in hand, Maxim99 Casino ensures that the money player deposits will be kept secure. In the same manner, the online casino can also guarantee that any account and information submitted on the website will not be compromised.

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In Maxim99, gamblers don’t have to worry about the money they put in since this online casino from Singapore is proven secure, licensed by the Curacao Government. That way, players can enjoy playing their games without the looming fear of compromised accounts or vulnerable money.

After all, people come here to enjoy and take a break from their busy lives offline. Maxim99 can offer both the relaxation, excitement, and reward that people look for in the entertainment industry, giving its users that feeling of being a winner in their own right.

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