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Card players and casino goers are familiar with this classic game of cards – Baccarat! It has been a crowd favorite throughout the ages and never goes out of style. If you are looking for a game where you can sit down at the tables and want to feel a little bit like James Bond, then hit the baccarat tables as this is the game for you!

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What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is a gambling card game where players hold two or three-hand cards, the winning hand being that giving the highest remainder when its face value is divided by ten. Sounds easy, right? But not if you’re a card or casino novice. Here’s some information to help you understand, play, and appreciate this exciting game of cards.

How to play Baccarat

Baccarat online casino

The objective of a baccarat game is to successfully bet on whether the next round will be won by yourself, the banker, or a tie (there are three possible outcomes—a player win, a banker win and a tie)—and unlike blackjack and other card games, the dealer pretty much does all the work. The hand that gets closest to nine wins.

Players can bet on a player’s side or a banker’s (also known as the dealer) side or both.

The table

Get to know your playing field by familiarzing yourselves with the lay of the land which is the baccarat table. The table has six areas:

  • Caller or Croupier area
  • Dealer 1
  • Dealer 2
  • Drop box
  • Discard trays
  • Tips box

Baccarat often uses eight decks and can have a single player up to as many as fourteen (not including the banker).

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Players, dealers, and roles

If the game has more than a single player, the 14 players will be scattered and occupy their corresponding seats around the table. The number 13 seat is elminated because of the supersition that surrounds that number. Player number 14 will occupy seat number 15 instead.

The baccarat table is served by three dealers. The caller or “croupier”directs the play of the game and makes calls on the hands. He or she is also in charge of paying out money or tokens, thus taking position 1. The croupier stands between players 1 and 15 while the other two dealers stand across him or her, taking positions 2 and 3, respectively.

Dealer number 2 serves players one through seven while the other takes care of players eight through fourteen. It’s the job of the dealers to take bets away from losses and pays up whenever a player wins. The numbered boxes located in the croupier’s area is used to track how much comission each players owes the house.

Score sheets are also given given to players so you can track as you go

Card Values

The following are the card values: Cards two through nine are taken at face value while the 10, jack, queen, and king cards have a value of zero. Ace has a value of one.

A round is won if the value of the player or banker’s initial hand is worth eight or nine (referred to as a natural, with nine beating eight) or tied if both get a natural of the same value.

baccarat play

Example play

Here’s a scenario of how a baccarat game plays out on the tables:

You place a bet on the player hand. The banker or dealer deals the two hands – the player hand and the banker hand. The player hand shows a seven and a queen – if you recall your card values, the seven card has its face value of seven, while the queen counts for zero, giving the player a total of seven points (we will use points for clarity). The banker or dealer hand draws draws a two and a four – add those together and you get six points, so that means for this round, the player hand wins.

In cases when a player draws cards that have a value of 10 or more (for example, a hand comprised of six and seven) only the last digit of their value is used. In our example, the hand’s value is three and not 13. Remember, the hand closest to nine wins. So anybody who bet on the player hand has just doubled their money!


In most casinos, a successful bet on the player has a payout of 2:1, while a successul bet on the banker will have a payout of 2:1 minus the value of the original bet. Other casinos have a payout of 1:1 for winning bets on players and bankers. For successful tie bets, the payout would be at 8:1 (sometimes 9:1). As a general rule, in case of a tied round, any bets on the player and banker will be carried on through the next round.

Punto Banco online

Punto Banco

Because of bacccarat’s long history and wide popularity, it’s no surprise that the game would have some variants. There is the ‘chemin de fer’ or sometimes known as ‘chemmy,’ the baccarat banque or ‘a deux tableaux’, and Macao.

However, the most popular version of baccarat is what’s known as ‘Punto Banco’ (which means “player’ and “banker”, respectively). When playing punto banco, the decks are shuffled in a shoe with a cut card placed in front of the seventh from last card. The banker burns the first card face up and depending on its value ( in this case, the Aces worth one while the face cards are worth 10), then precede to burn that many cards face down. Bets are placed at the start of the round before the cards have been dealt. Players at this point can also place side bets (which we will talk about some other time).

The player and banker are then dealt two cards, alternating between them.

In case the player or banker has a natural worth eight or nine and the other does not, or one has a hand worth nine and the other’s hand is worth eight, the one with the higher valued hand has won the round. If both have a natural of the same value, the round is tied.

To draw or not to draw

In the instance that both players don’t have an eight or nine, they have to determine if they can receive a third card. A third card can be drawn when the player’s initial hand is worth zero to five.If their initial hand is worth six or seven, they must stand.

If the player stands, the banker must also determine if they can draw a third card according to the same rules. If the player has drawn a third card, the banker can only draw his or her third card depends also on the value of the player’s hand. What is sure is that the banker can draw a third card if their hand is worth two or less and has to stand if their hand is worth seven.

The listed conditions are followed whether a banker draws a third card or not:

  • Unless the player’s third card was an eight and banker hand’s worth three, banker draws
  • If the player’s thrid card was between two and seven and the banker’s hand is worth four, banker draws
  • If the player’s third card was a six or seven and banker’s hand is worth six, banker draws
  • If the banker’s hand is worth five, they draw a third card if the player’s third card was between four and seven


Probabilities and odds

Like any game, there are odds and possibilities. Knowing these odds and possibilities can somehow help you have a better playing experience. Studies have shown that you have an almost 8% chance of drawing a card from Ace through King while you have an almost 31% chance of getting a card worth zero.

And yes, the odds always favor the banker that’s why the casino secures a house edge by placing a 5% commuission on winning bets on the banker. If you’re lucky, sometimes they charge less than 5%.


Now that we’ve discussed baccarat and its rules, we do hope that we have piqued your interest into playing the game. May the odds be in your favor!

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